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1 point

According to Dr. W. Donna Jorgenson, in her 45 years of education, she has given a fair share of homework. She has worked both pre-service and in-service to talk about the concerns over the homework wars. The parents will understand what is being asked for the homework. Lessons will go more smoothly, and result in a better way.

1 point

Homework can frustrate many people. When you are at home and you can't understand how to do your assignment, it can be very frustrating. Students can get so frustrated where they show violence. According to Dr. Donna W. Jorgensen, this is a problem with teenage students.

1 point

There are different kinds of homework. There is purposeful homework and just busy work. Purposeful homework is designed for students to complete the work and it can involve parents in the right ways. With the parents knowing, this helps so the parents understand how much homework they have. There needs to be a correct amount of homework each night. Homework can help students learn how to manage their time, make good choices, and organize everything.

1 point

Homework is very much needed in school. Sometimes teachers give us too much, and sometimes teachers don't give us any. According to Jillian Bichsel, director of academic services in Quaker Valley, she says that homework is a good time to practice the skills they have learned in the classroom. Both the National PTA and the National Education Association favor the rule-of-thumb limiting homework in all subjects to 10 minutes times the grade level. A first grader, for instance, would only have no more than 10 minutes of homework a night. I understand as you get older the homework gets tougher and longer, but in the end it is all worth the trouble. Also, homework scores bring your grades up if you just do them. It is all worth it, just take the time to do it right. This is why I am in favor of homework 100%.

2 points

According to, parents paying their children to succeed in grades is not the right thing to do. Some parents will argue with this because they believe that school is a child's job. With this practice of paying for getting good grades, this will just set them up for failure when they get a real job and the pay isn't the same. For instance, parents do not get paid to clean the house. How would this be any different? It's not. This is why people should just work hard for their grades and not get paid.

1 point

According to the PGA Tour Superstore has given a grant to The First Tee of Greater Chicago to educate programs that build character and instill life-enhancing values and promote healthy choices through the game of golf. If students don't want to do homework, they won't do it. Even if they do, it would be very sloppy. I agree with you when you talked about the whole homework portion.

1 point

Fighting test cheating has been along for a long time. As technology increases, it is easier and easier to cheat. According to Mr. Van Der Lindon wireless technology is a threat to the cheating program. Students think that they are being pressured into having good grades so they have to cheat to get a good grade. In East St. Louis, cheating was accepted practice. They said the test scores rocked compared to past years. Fewer than a dozen teachers and administrators lost their jobs over cheating in the 130 case the Journal-Constitution. I understand people need to put in the time to study, but some people have busy lives and can't study for every test.

1 point

I don't want to say this, but our school along with other schools bullying problems need to be enforced. According to researchers, people who have been bullied in their childhood had lower levels of education, greater physical and cognitive health problems, and poor social functioning through their lives. People who have been bullied have a greater chance of committing suicide or doing drugs. According to Louise Arseneault, she found victims who have been bullied, the victims never moved up in life. They couldn't forget it and always were being pushed down. As has been a middle age victim, of those who have been bullied these people get less pay jobs. Some kids' parents don't even know that they are being bullied. Schools need to crack down. I know our school doesn't exactly enforce the consequence. We need to have stricter rules to help everybody. It can really put somebody down. This is why our school should enforce the rules on bullying.

1 point

In today's society, it is very easy to be distracted while driving. According to NHTSA, there were 3,328 people killed and 421,000 people were injured as a result of distracted driving. The law enforcement cracked down from April 7th to the 15th. As stated from the NHTSA people who have parents that text think it is okay to text because they don't have somebody to yell at them. During the crackdown, the law enforcement spent $8.5 million in campaigns. The national campaign was "U Drive. U Text. U Pay." Our laws need to be enforced a lot harder than they are, then maybe people will stop texting while driving. If you text, you will be reliable for the consequences that happen.

1 point

Some schools are requiring dress codes. Having dress codes would prevent students for wearing inappropriate clothing, but it also would make every family buy new clothing. Clothing makes everybody themselves. By the way people dress gives them their own personality. Kate Green, a seventh-grader at Haven Middle School, says that “there are skinny girls that wear leggings and don’t get caught, but as soon as a heavier set person wears them, they get in trouble for not following the dress code.” "It puts everyone on the same playing field when they're at school," says Kitty Rotella, principal of St. Mark's Episcopal School. Some schools have their own dress code such as us for example. There is a rule for how short shorts are, or how many fingers we have to have on our sleeves. Emily Sweeney states that uniforms boost people’s pride, relieve peer pressure, and help people focus on school work. This is why school uniforms should not be banned, but should have restrictions.

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