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Official Debate: Character Education

Education leaders in the U.S. have recognized throughout the nation's history that developing the character of young people is the shared responsibility of parents, schools and the community in general. Character education stresses the development of ethical values and positive social behaviors. Modern school reform movements have focused even more attention on character development. Congress authorized the Partnerships in Character Education Program in 1994 and the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 expanded support for it. The Department of Education provides grants to states and districts to enable the implementation of character development curriculums. Some people question whether teachers have enough time to focus on character education and still improve students' performance in key academic subjects. Some say there is no way to measure whether school character education programs actually produce more ethical citizens. Others worry that character education will allow teachers to impose their religious views on students.

Does character education in schools help produce more ethical citizens?

Character Ed=Ethical Citizens

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I feel that students don’t want to do homework, because of the effort they have to put into it, but im just as guilty sometimes. If kids don’t want to do homework, it will be a rough road for them ahead in life, thats why parents and teachers should do the most they can do to make sure the children are understanding what they are learning. Its the lack of attention that plays a key problem in this topic. I feel that students want to learn but they don’t like the routine of homework.

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I think that Marinnane Doses believes that we are in need of godly role models everywhere, be it in the homes, the schools and in the public square, praising good character more than outward appearance or a person's economic net worth. agree or disagree

Source Citation (MLA 7th Edition)

Dose, Marianne. "'Character education in a public school' (C.I. June 2006, p. 20)." Catholic Insight Sept. 2006: 5+. Student Edition. Web. 25 Apr. 2014.

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According to the PGA Tour Superstore has given a grant to The First Tee of Greater Chicago to educate programs that build character and instill life-enhancing values and promote healthy choices through the game of golf. If students don't want to do homework, they won't do it. Even if they do, it would be very sloppy. I agree with you when you talked about the whole homework portion.

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Just the proposal of character education is extremely asinine. This basically gives the teacher full authority to impose their religious and ethical beliefs upon their students. And that is just plain wrong. Character education would, just like school uniforms, prevent individuality. I believe that every person should get to develop their own set of morals and beliefs. Nobody should have to have someone else's beliefs shoved down their throat and told that they have to believe it in order to be a good person. This is also why I am against organized religion. Its all just forcing people's beliefs upon others and telling them that they have to believe it or they're a horrible person. Pointless and unnecessary.

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I have to agree with ARohlk. Forcing religious and personal believes onto another person is wrong, nor is it far. It's not letting the student be their selves and letting them express what they believe.

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If we were to allow Character Education into school, it would give teachers the right to teach their religious beliefs and ethical beliefs as well as tell you that your beliefs are wrong. I certainly believe that there needs to be the separation between church and schools. What happens if you have different views? In the article, “Character Education”, many believe that we need education because we need to learn respect and responsibility. "Respect and responsibility are just as important," Laura Bush stated. I always thought that being taught by teachers and learning how to respect our parents taught us the whole respect aspect so I am not sure why we would need to teach respect? As for responsibility, I’m pretty sure that is why we have homework. All I’ve ever been told by teachers is that homework teaches us responsibility because we have a deadline and certain criteria that will “help us in the real world”. Responsibility is also taught to us at home by doing chores and various other things. Even if you have a part-time job, you learn responsibility. To me, I don’t think Character Education is necessary at all.

"Character Education." Education Week. N.p., 3 Aug. 2004. Web. 28 Apr. 2014.

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