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This is your chance to catch up on old issues that you may have accidentally deleted or may have been caught in your Spam folder.

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The CreateDebate Newsletter is one way we keep our loyal debaters up to date as to what's going on with CreateDebate. Browse through past issues of the CreateDebate Newsletter by clicking on the links below. If you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see in the Newsletter, let us know.


Issue 2: April 24, 2008

What are you trying to decide?

Welcome to the second edition of the CreateDebate newsletter. We are extremely excited to announce that we have taken the walls down and CreateDebate is now in a Public Beta! This means that users will no longer be required to register or be pre-approved before being able to access the site, and we are ready to start growing the CreateDebate community without the confines of a Private Beta.

It's taken us a long time and a lot of late nights to get to this point and we are extremely excited about the feedback that you all have given so far. Please continue to give us feedback about the site and help us to make CreateDebate the best social debating site on the Internet! But, we need your help to spread the word. See below for how you can help.

How You Can Help

Now that we've taken down the walls of a Private Beta, we are ready to start growing the CreateDebate community, and we need your help. Besides creating new debates and adding arguments to existing debates, there are several other ways you can help us out.

Vote our posts up on Social News sites
This morning we posted our latest blog post to the top social news sites on the Internet. Click on the links below to take you to the page where you can vote them up. It only takes 5 seconds and can really help us to spread the word about CreateDebate. Become a CreateDebate Fan on Facebook
Now it's easy for you to keep up with what's going on at CreateDebate directly from Facebook. Simply add yourself as a fan to the CreateDebate Facebook Group and keep in touch with CreateDebate on Facebook. While you're there, be sure to invite all of your friends to become fans of CreateDebate as well!

Forward the CD newsletter to your email Address Book
If you like CreateDebate and think that your friends and family may enjoy the site, feel free to forward this newsletter along to them to spread the word.

Add CreateDebate to Other Websites
Link directly to your CreateDebate profile by adding the HTML code under the My Profile tab labeled Widget. Simply copy the code in the gray box and paste it in your profile on any site or blog that permits HTML (i.e. myspace). The widget will always display your current pic and will link your friends directly to your CreateDebate profile.

Get back to the action! Click here to go back to CreateDebate.

Upcoming Features

Enhanced Popularity Contests
You all asked for it and we listened! We are updating Popularity Contests to allow users to create different categories to put their argument in to add a bit more structure to the Popularity Contest debates. Now that well crafted argument about why Thin Mints are the Best Girl Scout Cookie will never be lost again!

Facebook Application
We are currently working on a Facebook application that will let you keep up to date on CreateDebate directly from Facebook. More information on this to come soon!

Advanced Profile Features
Many of you have asked to be able to add more information to your profile, and we are working on making that a reality. We hope to roll this out within the next couple of weeks so you all can begin building out your profile even more.

Private Beta Highlights

Random Facts
We were in Private Beta for almost exactly two months, and have learned a lot and added a bunch of cool new features thanks to feedback from you all. We wanted to get a bit nostalgic and share a few updated metrics and highlights of the Private Beta period. For a complete break down of the Private Beta be sure to check out this blog post from the CreateDebate blog.
It's been a great couple of months in Private Beta, but now we are ready to really get this site going. Please help us to spread the word however you can, you really do make a big difference! We will continue to do our best to make CreateDebate the best social debating site on the Internet.

Warm Regards,
The CreateDebate Team

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